WEDDING PACKAGE – Laurel Wedding Monogram Napkins & Bows (Cotton napkins)


Our wedding packages allow you to have all the details of our monogrammed napkins and bows, without all the stress of deciding which options to choose.
For our Laurel Wedding Monogram Napkins & Bows Package, simply choose a velvet ribbon colour, and we work out the rest for you!

Micro Wedding package includes
15 x white cotton napkins with Laurel wedding monogram embroidered
15 x Velvet bows

White 9401 Ivory 9607 Pink rose 9572 Dusty rose 9623 Red 9629 Burgundy 9614 Yellow 9573 Mustard 9402 Leafy green 9611 Sage green 9459 Bottle green 9621 Violet 9609 Purple 9634 Williamsberg blue 9536 Royal blue 9418 Navy blue 9419 Black 9725

Our Laurel Wedding Monogram Napkins & Bows Package is perfect for couples who would like to incorporate their monogram wedding table decor. Using our popular 100% cotton napkins, and velvet bows. All you need to do is choose your accent colour, and initials from the happy couples first name and we work out the rest for you!
Your napkins and bows will be ready to lift straight out of the box and placed on your wedding tables.

Laurel Wedding Monogram Napkins & Bows

15 x white cotton hemstitch napkins with wedding monogram embroidered in your accent colour
15 x Velvet bows in your accent colour

Embroidered Napkins

Monogram napkins, each embroidered with your Laurel Wedding Monogram.  The embroidery colour will match your velvet bows.

  • 100% cotton napkins
  •  45cm square napkin
  • Monogram embroidered diagonally in the corner
Place setting bows

Velvet bows are the perfect finishing touch to your wedding table decorations, and a lovely gift for your guests to take home after your wedding day.

  • 5cm wide velvet ribbon, tied into a bow
  • Choice of ribbon colour

Our Wedding Packages are based on 15 guests. However, we are completely flexible and can adapt our packages for any number of guests, smaller or larger than 15. Please choose the Package you like, and then contact us for a bespoke quote. Packages could be used for all of your wedding guests, or maybe just the top table and family.

We have been lucky enough to have our embroidered napkins featured in several Brides Magazine and online Wedding Blogs, such as And So To Wed and Love My Dress.

Velvet ribbon colour

White 9401, Ivory, Pink 9572, Dusty rose 9623, Red 9629, Burgundy 9614, Yellow 9573, Mustard 9402, Leafy green 9611, Sage green 9549, Violet 9629, Purple 9624, Blue 9418, Navy blue 9419, Black 9725

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