Extra Special Touch : The journey so far….

Extra Special Touch is an award winning UK business based in the heart of Nottingham’s Sherwood Forest, founded by Heidi Lawton. Specialising in creating personalised linen for special occasions, Heidi and her team embroider napkins, handkerchiefs, silk lingerie and more. They proudly sell to customers all over the world, yet source their fabrics and laces locally fundamentally believing that supporting UK textiles is the right choice for the industry as well as the planet.

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What makes Extra Special Touch different is their ability to adapt products to your needs, from creating embroidery that matches your hand writing, colour matching your theme or even adding your logo. They are proud to only use the best fabrics, and with Heidi’s extensive experience in embroidery design and costume history (making accessories for Gwyneth Paltrow’s Emma no less) and her eye for detail; Extra Special Touch is now one of the leading UK’s supplier of wedding handkerchiefs and custom embroidered napkins

I have an amazing team of embroiderers and sewers, busily making our orders to ship all over the world.
Our custom wedding gifts and vintage-inspired bridal accessories are all available to buy through our website and Etsy shop. I continue to be inspired by my love of vintage, and the old embroidery and antique lace which form the rich tapestry of what we do. I’d love to hear from you if you have any bespoke ideas we can create for your wedding day. And you can keep up to date with all our Extra Special news on Facebook & Instagram.
Heidi xx