Luxury wedding handkerchiefs,
quintessential keepsake for modern romantics

“More than just an accessory, our personalised handkerchiefs tell a story. They symbolise the intricate moments, the shared laughter, and the promises made. Let every stitch be a reminder of your love, making these wedding handkerchiefs a cherished part of your shared journey”.

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“The hankie is outstanding quality for my Dad and was presented in a beautiful box. My request was a little unusual as I was looking for something different, but their customer service has been impeccable. I would highly recommend to anyone and would definitely purchase from Extra Special Touch again. Thank you x “

Personalised wedding handkerchiefs


For over a decade, our commitment to quality and passion for embroidery, have allowed us to become a trusted name in the world of wedding handkerchiefs.

Nottingham lace wedding garters

A mix of luxury and tradition, our handcrafted Nottingham lace bridal garters add an extra touch of romance for your special day.

Embroidery options

Add initials, a date, or a heartfelt handwritten message to transform your wedding handkerchief to become a cherished memento.

Nottingham Lace handkerchiefs

Our handmade hankies are a nod to the rich local heritage of lace-making, a touch of timeless beauty to your wedding.

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I’ve always been passionate about crafting and sewing. I’ve dedicated myself to turning my passion into a career, studying various courses in machine embroidery, traditional millinery, and theater costume. Extra Special Touch is the culmination of my love for these crafts. Creating beautiful pieces with fabrics, threads, and trimmings in my studio brings me immense joy and fulfillment.