Unique Embroidery Options For Our Personalised Handkerchiefs

Our luxury personalised handkerchiefs are a quintessential keepsake for modern romantics. More than just an accessory, they tell a story, more importantly, they tell your story. Our unique embroidery options mean that our luxury hankies symbolise your intricate moments, shared laughter, and promises made. For over a decade, our commitment to quality and passion for embroidery, have allowed us to become a trusted name in the world of wedding handkerchiefs. In this blog, we will take you on a journey through our vast array of embroidery styles, from classic to contemporary, showcasing the intricate beauty and personalised touches that adorn our handkerchiefs. Whether you’re drawn to delicate motifs, intricate monograms, or classic crests, there’s something for everyone…

Unique Embroidery Options For Our Personalised Handkerchiefs

Embroidery Fonts

Our choice of embroidery fonts is just one way to personalise your luxury handkerchief. With 7 different fonts to choose from there’s something to match the tone of the gift you are giving. Whether it’s a traditional Edwardian font or a fancy Calligraphy font you can choose one which matches your personalised handkerchief the best! The choice is yours!

Unique Embroidery Options For Our Personalised Handkerchiefs

Embroidery Colours

Whether you are matching up to a theme or you’re having different colours for different parts of your hankie, our vast choice of colours means you choose a design you love and have it in a colour you love too! This is great if you have a specific wedding colour palette. If you’re following tradition, for your ‘something blue’ we also have several different beautiful blue embroidery threads.

Can’t find the colour you want? Contact us and we will try and find it for you!

Custom Monograms

Our beautiful custom monogram handkerchiefs are perfect for couples who want matching hankies for their wedding day, or they are a unique gift for bridesmaids and groomsmen too! They come in lots of different designs from our Couture Intertwined Monogram to our simple and chic Luxe Monogram. These can be used with personalised initials and you have the option on some of our designs to add a wedding date and full names too!

Unique Embroidery Options For Our Personalised Handkerchiefs

Bespoke Crests

If you have a family emblem, personalised wedding crest or a design from your wedding stationery that you would like to incorporate into your personalised handkerchiefs, we can do it for you! We work with you to produce the perfect embroidery copy of your chosen crest and this is then embroidered onto your chosen handkerchief design. This can be anything from our Nottingham lace-edged option or our unique scalloped-edged design. Alternatively, you can choose one of our pre-done crest designs with an embroidered monogram in the centre.

Many of today’s handkerchiefs are made using nylon lace, but here at Extra Special Touch, we love traditional cotton Nottingham lace. We make our handkerchiefs in our Nottingham studio, using locally made Nottingham lace. The Nottingham lace we use is made in the last factory of its kind in the UK, Cluny Lace and it’s only a few miles away from our sewing studio.

Unique Embroidery Options For Our Personalised Handkerchiefs

Personalised Handwriting Handkerchiefs

Yes, we can embroider your handwriting too! The handwritten embroidered message could be from a passed loved one, a special note from a family member, or a note to your partner on the morning of your wedding day. This can be done on almost all of our handkerchief designs and you can choose your colour of embroidery too! They make an extremely personalised gift that they or you will cherish forever

Unique Embroidery Options For Our Personalised Handkerchiefs

Poems and Short Verses

We have a beautiful collection of poems and short verses for couples looking to send a special message on the morning of their wedding or a special occasion. Our luxury handkerchiefs are the perfect gift for all your wedding party and we have poems that will match the receiver too. You can check out our exclusive EST poems here, or if you have a poem, slogan, or short verse of your own we can embroider this for you too! They’re perfect for your happy tears on the big day!

Bespoke Embroidery

Want something completely bespoke? Get in touch and see if we can help you design the perfect embroidered handkerchief for your occasion. This could include a personalised poem or a personal and unique design. Whatever the occasion and whatever the design we will do our best to accommodate your embroidery needs and make you the perfect handkerchief and the perfect gift for yourself or your loved one.

Unique Embroidery Options For Our Personalised Handkerchiefs

We hope you’ve been inspired by our beautiful embroidery options and the unique craftmanship that each style embodies. Whether you choose a classic design, opt for something more contemporary or design something completely bespoke to you, our luxury handkerchiefs are a unique gift and a unique way to reflect your style and give a cherished keepsake to your loved one. Want more? You can see our whole collection here!


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