Wedding Gifts For Men

What can I buy the men as a wedding gift?

Here at Extra Special Touch we pride ourselves on our designs reflecting the vintage beauty that inspires our creations and our unerring commitment to using only the best lace and fabric. If you take this to mean we only cater or cater best for women, though, you’re going to be very pleasantly surprised by what we’re about to show you!

Men’s Wedding Gifts….

Vintage beauty covers everyone, and we’ve got some wonderful keepsake presents for the special men involved in the day too: even if they’re as difficult to buy for as the men in my life are. I’m looking at you, Papa & Grandpapa K. The sturdiest of lips will tremble and the mightiest of beards will quiver at the romantic and heartfelt gestures and words we have the honour of immortalising, and we truly believe there’s nothing better you could give them on your wedding day – as  long as it’s beside your eternal and genuine happiness, of course.

If you’re stumped for what to buy those pesky men in your wedding party, read on…

Personalised Silk Boxers

Our silk jersey boxers are made in the UK, and can be personalised with two words. Perfect luxury gift for your groom to be, or a fabulous gift for your silk anniversary! A perfect cheeky men’s wedding gift!

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Well what else are the pockets in those suits useful for?! Us dress-wearers up on the altar have to just blub uncontrollably (unless you have pockets in your wedding attire, in which case I sincerely believe you are the future).

We make our hankies from a choice of linen, cotton, or luxury cotton, with the additional choice of a hemstitch border. All of our handkerchief designs are completely truly personalised, customised with a message of your choice in a font and colour of your choosing. This makes them the ideal gift for any of the men in your wedding party, as you can present them with something individually meaningful. The world is your oyster, and you are it’s pearl – why not get your first dance lyrics embroidered? A short poem thanking your Dad for everything he’s done, and reminding him he’ll always be the first man you loved? Or a funny inside joke for your Best Men and Ushers? Alternatively, when no words will adequately express your feelings, we offer beautiful monogrammed napkins: simple, elegant, classic and heartfelt.
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Tie Labels

We love these heart-shaped tie labels as a gift to a loved one, as they’re subtle, thoughtful, and close to the heart throughout the whole day. Personalised with your own succinct message, whether it be a little nudge of encouragement, the date of the big day or a simple “I love you”, we also fit them perfectly to the tie they’ll be sewn into, for a true Prince Charming moment. They also come in their own gift box along with a needle and thread, so there’s no extra flapping needed on what will already be a stressful day – you can, if you want to, present it to them and then leave in the knowledge that they’ve crafted it themselves.

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Suit Labels

Our dress labels, made from silk, also work gorgeously inside suits. In case you hadn’t guessed it, they can be personalised, in your choice of font and thread colour. If the suits of the day haven’t been hired, but have been bought, why not get a matching label for you and your groom?



This is less of a generic male present and more of a specific one for your dad, but we believe it’s worth a mention anyway. Alongside handkerchiefs, garters, labels and décor, we also love to embroider napkins with messages, monograms, and pictures. Why not gift your dad a set of napkins with a little note about how you’ll always have your maiden name at heart (if you’re going to change it, that is!). A design with the initials of your nucleus family’s first names, for example, with a little “[Last name]s forever!” will settle any nerves your dad has about you growing up and not being his little girl any more. Then, when you go round for family dinner, you can watch him beam with pride as he whips them out for everyone.
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