Something Blue Gift Guide for Bespoke and Handmade Brides

Something blue

It’s a tale as old as time, and a song as old as rhyme in the wedding world: a bride should, on her wedding day, have something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue. The original ditty also detailed that a bride should have a silver sixpence in her shoe, but that complicates matters somewhat and so, cautious and caring as we are, we give the option of sewing a silver sixpence into our garters instead. However, the old item, to protect any baby in the future of the marriage, the borrowed item, giving the bride good luck, and the new and blue items are here to stay in their original format.

Even the thriftiest of brides generally have something new on them at the altar, and as weddings are traditionally family affairs, things old and borrowed are fairly easily sorted too. Something blue leaves us a little more in the dark. Do you need some ‘something blue’ ideas? Luckily for you, we’re here to help!


Blue Garters

Garters have been a popular choice to add a certain touch of blue-ness to the big day, and we specialise in sumptuous handmade garters made from classic silk and Nottingham lace to make sure you feel like royalty. We can incorporate a personalised message and even sew a silver Sixpence in there for you, because not only are we sticklers for some vintage charm and romance, but we also wish you the utmost happiness and prosperity in your future (and also, we’d love to help ward off any 19th-century evil on your wedding day).

hetty bridal garter
Hetty Bridal Garter

Nearly all of our garters come with the option of a beautiful muted blue colour way. Daisy, Hetty, Betsy, Florence, Grace, Dorothea, Emily and Phyliss can all tickle you blue, incorporating soft silk ribbons on top of stunning and delicate lace to create a truly special garter. Alternatively, our Lilly garter, made of ivory lace and silk ribbon flowers, has a gorgeous sapphire crystal, to provide an understated but by no means underappreciated something blue.


Silk Underwear

Cushion your tush in the kind of soft-touch support that we’re all looking for on one of the most important days of our lives: our silk and French lace knickers bring a touch of old-school glamour to the day, hopefully making you feel like the million dollars you are (we would have said million pounds but it just sounded a bit lacklustre, and you are anything but lacklustre). We can embroider the back of them with a message of your choice, or your new married name, meaning your discreet something blue reflects the most exciting part of the day!

silk knickers
Silk Knickers

Dress Label

If you’ve already got everything sorted and really don’t want to be carrying or wearing anything extra on the day, consider a dress label as your something blue. We offer gorgeous labels, personalisable with anything you want to commemorate forever: yours and your partner’s names, a couple monogram, or a short personal message, available in turquoise, blue or dusty blue thread. They come beautifully packaged with a needle and thread, so it’s as easy as pie to sew it in (though we don’t recommend eating pie whilst doing so, if you want to keep your dress white for the day). If your message is short but sweet, we also offer heart-shaped tie labels which are just as easily sewn into dresses. Why not match with your husband, and both sew one into your outfit?

Personalised embroiderd label sewn into brides fake fur vintage cape by Extra Special Touch
Embroiderd label sewn into brides faux fur vintage cape by Extra Special Touch

Photo credit to Becky Ryan Photography. Photograph taken at collaborative photo shoot – see full photo shoot here


Personalised wedding dress label
Personalised wedding dress label with dusty blue embroidery

And don’t you dare say we don’t treat you, because we’ve spread our love far and wide to include some of our wonderful fellow And So To Wed vendors…


Hair Accessories

Blue can be a stunning edition to any bridal outfit, even if blue isn’t one of your accent colours. There’ll be no clashing or mismatching worries and it adds subtle loveliness to any hair colour, whether you end up as Cinderella, Jasmine, or Ariel. We adore the Ava pin set from The Bobby Pin, with your something blue nestled among tumbling tousled tresses, or the Juliet tiara from Glorious Tiaras, which shimmers pale blue in the most beautiful way.

Bridal Hair Band by Glorious Tiaras
Bridal Hair Band by Glorious Tiaras
Ava something blue hair pin
Ava Hair Pins from The Bobby Pin

Wedding Shoes

Shoes need to tick two boxes on a wedding day: do they walk? (This is an absolute must…we recommend trying them on around the house to break them in first.) The second box to tick is: can they talk? Even if hidden under a dress, we want to take pride in the shoes we’ve chosen to carry us down the aisle. Whether you want flats, platforms, or trainers, you want them to always bring good memories with them. This is why we think Bespoke Vintage Castle’s luxury shoes will be the glass slippers of your dreams: hand dyed, and a beautiful shade of dusky blue that peeps out from underneath your dress on your first dance.

Blue wedding shoes by Bespoke Vintage Castle
Blue wedding shoes by Bespoke Vintage Castle


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