Nottingham Lace – and why we love it so much!

As a Nottingham based company here at Extra Special Touch we aim to use local sources where possible, one of those is of course the Nottingham Lace which we use in lots of our products. We are proud to be able to do this as a company and proud to support the only remaining lace factory of its kind in the UK.

Back in 2018, we were lucky enough to be invited to The Cluny Lace Factory and have a guided tour from Kate, who’s family have owned the factory since the early 1730’s. Below are a few photographs and video’s from our factory tour, combined with some old photos of how the factory used to look many years ago.

Nottingham Lace - The History Behind Our Products
Cluny Lace factory

Cluny Lace Co Ltd. is where we source our beautiful laces from and has been owned and ran by the Mason family since 1730’s; their lace production started in 1760’s when this fabric was first produced and their machines have been making beautiful British laces ever since! Their attention to detail and constant work to keep laces up do date is why we love them so much.

Nottingham Lace
Nottingham Lace - The History Behind Our Products
Nottingham lace

The last 150 years has seen Cluny Lace produce hundreds of different lace patterns, which means we are in good hands when choosing special laces for specific products. They have been more than successful in combining their traditional techniques keeping the roots of the business firmly in the ground, whilst moving with modern times and new technology to further enhance their product and lace making skills.

Nottingham Lace - The History Behind Our Products
Nottingham Lace - The History Behind Our Products

The lace patterns used are both creative and unique to the Cluny Lace Co. -most of them designed and drafted in house by Frank Maltby Mason and Frances Bowler Mason, the sixth and seventh generations of the family.

Look at all the antique lace patterns in their design room!
Nottingham Lace - The History Behind Our Products
How the lace is made for our Nottingham Lace ladies handkerchiefs
Bride To Be

We produce a number of products which feature this very special Nottingham Lace, including our Bridal Garters, and Personalised Handkerchiefs, and are always looking for new products to add lace to, you could say we are a little bit obsessed and we think our Nottingham heritage lace definitely adds that Extra Special Touch…

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Nottingham Lace - The History Behind Our Products

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