Tips and Advice on How to Write Your Personalised Message or Poem

Who doesn’t love a personalised message? You could have the most simple object in world but if it’s personalised to us either with a message, name, date or emblem, it can mean so much more than the gift itself. Personalisation holds memories, and makes any gift so much more thoughtful.

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Our personalised range here at EST has a range of possibilities and options that can be tailored to most special occasions, and with personalised poems growing in popularity we wanted to give you some of our top tips and advice on how to write that personalised poem or message for that special someone. Whether it be a birthday gift, an anniversary present or something for your wedding party on your big day… its a perfect gift that your special someone can cherish forever.

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Plan Ahead and Make Time

The worst thing you can do is not give yourself enough time! Plan ahead and make sure you have plenty of time before the event to write your poem or message. This will make you feel less pressured and give you the opportunity work on your poem.

Your Actual Message

What is your actual message? Do you want to tell the person how much they mean to you? Have they been an inspiration to you? or do you want to let them know just how much they are loved? Think of the actual message and write this down first so you have it in mind whilst constructing the rest.

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Notes and Inspiration

Don’t start with line one, write notes about the person(s) you are sending your message to. What words would you use to describe them? What are their interests and hobbies? Do they have a nickname or a saying which they always use? Think about all the things that make them unique- are there fond memories you share? Write as much down as you can at this stage, you may not use it all but it will give you good material to start your personalised message.

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Rhymes and Patterns

Your personalised message does not have to rhyme, but if you decide you want to use this method there are some things you will need to think about. Look at your notes and see if there are any words that rhyme, could a different word with the same meaning be used? Can the line be said the opposite way round? There are so many different options and ways for this! And of course Google is your friend… try googling what rhymes with….?

If you decide a rhyme is not for you, you can also use pattern. Start the first line with the same words, I am…, You are…, We are…. this helps to structure your message and gives you a strong starting point.


Themes also be used to construct your message or poem, are their some song lyrics you can include? or some one liners from your recipients favourite show? Use these in a creative way throughout the poem.

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War and Peace

Keep it short and sweet, do not write war and peace and only use relevant information for it to make sense. Keep it uncomplicated and personal!

Check and Re-Check

Once you have your first draft… walk away, leave it a couple of days before going back to it with fresh eyes. You may have come up with some new ideas, or have thought of something else you must add.

Also, It’s always good to get someone else to look over it too- they may have suggestions and ideas that you had not thought of. And of course you want to make sure it makes sense.

Perfection Is Not The Key

Remember a personalised message may not seem perfect to you… but it’s perfect to the person you are sending it too! The time and effort gone into sending them such a thoughtful gift is what they will cherish forever.

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The Final Touches

Once you have written your personalised message or poem, we have the perfect products to put them on! Our range of handkerchiefs turn your words into the perfect gift!

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Contact us and find out how we can help you with the perfect personalised gift, click on our links below to find the perfect hankie for your message or if writing just isn’t for you we have provided some of our own wedding related messages for you to use here.

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How to write a personalised message

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